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Create tokens, terrain, accessories, and more for your favorite tabletop games

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Bring your role-playing character to life and to the gaming table.

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Design your own 3D models and files on in-house our printers.

How It Works


Want to print your personally created designs? Using 3D printer-specific design programs, our knowledgeable staff can assist you with printing your 3D files, from a .STL format, and up to 6" for any dimension. 


Our printers use durable PLA plastic and high-resolution ABS plastic filaments. We we will utilize the best filament for the job to ensure the highest quality 3D printed game pieces possible.


Second Star Games strives to compete with online companies; providing high quality printing and fast turnaround on every job ordered. In some cases same-day printing is possible. See us in the store for more information and price quoting.

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Second Star Miniatures


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Peter Pan, Ace, Wendy, Captain Hook, and The Tinker. This set of five miniatures were inspired from the pages of the independent comic, Second Star. Get all 5 unpainted miniatures in this bundle.

Designed and painted by Alec Kozak